Sunday, December 26, 2010

celebrations and bacon

Gonna keep this one short and sweet today.

1. I love bacon. My motto in life is “bacon makes everything extra special.” So, it did my heart good when I unclogged my stocking on Christmas morning and discovered, lo and behold, two bacon-themed products:

A. Bacon bandages
B. Bacon lip balm

Here I am wearing a bacon bandage after getting an owchie wowchie wittow boo boo.

Wrapping a finger in bacon makes one extra special.

Later in the day, I was washing dishes and it came off. Before throwing it away, however, I made sure to ask Heather and the kids if they wanted the last piece of bacon before I had it. They all laughed heartily.

In other news, the following thoughts have been rattling around my vacuous brain:

1. Insight without humility quickly becomes arrogance.
2. Hope sometimes requires exile.
3. When deep tragedy is redeemed, it makes for the truest comedy. Bittersweet remembrances make the greatest celebrations.

Not sure what any of that has to do with bacon but that’s how my mind works, eh.

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