Wednesday, December 1, 2010

my brain right now

Just wanted to share some random thoughts/highlights:

1. It snowed today, our first semi-serious snow of the year. Nic kept "wow"-ing on the way to school. Very cool.

2. Our house is all decorated for Christmas now. This year we are pleased to have some real pine garlands in the house. Smells nice.

3. This weekend I'll be in Minnesota and it's supposed to snow. I'll be outside for quite a stretch on Saturday, so tonight I'm going to buy some snow boots so my feetsies don't get wetsy. I'm also going to buy some long underwear. I mention that cuz I know you wanted to be privy to THAT intimate detail of my life right now.

4. I have made up dances to go to the theme music of Alias and Fringe. Whenever we watch an episode of Alias, every episode, I do the dance. I haven't done the one for Fringe yet because I feel embarrassed in front of Heather.

5. Just as love is both a verb and a noun, so is hope. Just as love must be practiced to be possessed, so must hope. Practice hoping.

6. I'm schizoid, I know. Mundane stuff followed by Mr. Philosophy. Anyhoo, that's me.


Kelly J said...

A. I want to see the dance.

B. Is it pink long underwear?

C. I'm totally going to quote you on Facebook on the hope thing. Very timely for me at the moment and I love it. I've been missing you guys a lot lately. We should vidya chat.

Troy said...

Response A: I'll tape the dances some time and put it on YouTube. It'll go viral--as in Ebola: you'll want it to disappear.

Response B: They didn't have pink long underwear. I almost bought camouflage but they were only selling them with the free hunting knife and not the semi-automatic weapon, so I got the ivory color instead.

Response C: Glad to hear the hope thing spoke to you. Yes, let's vidya chat soon! (I can totally hear you saying "video" that way. Funny!)