Thursday, January 6, 2011

could this be you and me?

There is a heart that wants nothing more than to love God and to love people sincerely, without the fancy packaging. There is a soul that longs to be taken just as it is, accepted, cheered and celebrated.

This is the heart that suffocates when nitpickers nitpick. It groans when it is misunderstood, misapprehended and told: “You are not enough. If only you could change this or do that differently. If only your delivery were a bit more crisp and concise, I could get on board with that. Stop rambling so much, for Pete’s sake!”

This is the soul that weeps, disoriented. It cannot keep up with the many demands of the voices that surround it. Some ask it to be poorer, while others want it to be richer. Some like it thin, stretched out; others prefer it dense and compact.

Can we leave another’s soul to the lover God alone? I hope so. He knows how to love, so we needn’t think we know how to make a soul more lovable.

There is a heart that longs to be loved just because it is a heart God made. It doesn’t want to earn another’s love by becoming more successful or famous or somehow “better” and “more effective.” It just wants to be what it is.

Could this heart be yours? Could it be mine?

Yes, it could, it could.

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