Wednesday, January 5, 2011

some things that made me smile today

1. I started meeting one-on-one with Nic today for some weekly discipleship sessions. We had a great start! Really fun to do this with him.

2. Nic understands that following Jesus is not something he has to do because Heather and I have decided to follow; rather, he understands that this is something he needs to decide for himself. At the end of our session, I explained to him that if Jesus were sitting down here with us he might say to Nic, "Follow me." I asked Nic if he'd like to and Nic replied, "Hm. I need to think about that. It's a big decision." I smiled and said, "That's right, son. That's right." He gets it. He really gets it. That makes me smile.

3. On an unrelated note: I couldn't help but smile as I remembered something a former colleague said about me last summer just before we moved to Chicago. She said something like: "The thing I respect most about Troy is that he's really good at being wrong."

The comment made me smile last June and it still makes me smile today. Thanks, April!

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