Tuesday, January 18, 2011

grace is everything

Grace is able to change its shape. When fear and doubt cast excessive shadows, grace is the light. When persecution threatens heat-stroke from excessive sun, grace is a shade. When the roads are too icy to drive upon, grace is your traction. When you walk on ground that is your own making and you begin to think it sure, grace knocks you for a loop.

Grace is the gift when poverty afflicts but it is also that which is withheld when our Maker has something better in mind for us. Grace is the certainty that, no matter what happens, he will always lead you with care and it is the assurance that, no matter what has gone before, he has always forgiven.

Grace is the scandal that the God who needs nothing makes you (yes, you!) the apple of his eye. He would risk our self-centeredness for the sake of his love. That is why he is the true center. Grace is why he invites us to follow him and it is why we should. May we learn to live in grace, to make him our true center.

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