Monday, January 17, 2011

opening night in heaven

There will be people there of every tribe and tongue and nation, every color and culture. Let us become accustomed to collective celebration now. Let us not wait for death. Let us worship together now.

Will the wedding feast be an international potluck? Will I finally see that Jesus is not white?

By your grace, Lord, may I come to the party? Let me never presume my invitation a given, but let me appreciate it as an honor.

May we keep the languages and simply learn to understand one another? May we, Lord? May we recall our favorite recipes and contribute a dish?

I hope I learn to eat with my hands and remember the proper way to use chopsticks. I hope this white boy learns to bow or kiss in greeting.

In heaven, East will meet West, finally. Our attempts at reconciliation this side of eternity will seem merely business or political negotiations. On that Great Gathering Day, we will know peace and see that we never really knew it here on earth as it is in heaven. Forgive us that, Lord. Even as we prayed Your Prayer, we must confess we never knew shalom without blemish.

But, Lord, help us yet work towards it. May our labors be our prayers and may we catch glimpses of your peace, though we can never realize it fully in the here and now. God of hope and Prince of peace, help us hold out hope for reconciliation. May we never give up.

And help us be diligent in our dress rehearsals, acting today as if it is opening night in heaven.

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Rachel Repetto said...

This is really beautiful and oh so true! Thanks for the vivid picture.