Tuesday, February 22, 2011

enjoying God

Holiness only happens in delight. The Westminster catechism states that life’s end is to glorify God and enjoy him forever. Pastor-writer John Piper states we glorify God most by enjoying him forever. I agree.

It pleases me no end when I play with my son. And playing with my son has the added bonus that, when I am doing so, I know he is not off somewhere else getting into trouble. It is the same with me and my heavenly Father. When I play with God, sheer delight keeps his face in view while all other worldly pleasures fade and pale. The fact is: there is no match for God's beauty and it is solely by fixing my gaze on this beauty that I am made holy.

My heart skips when I take my wife out on a date. We laugh together and hold hands. I love to hear her voice and see her smile. There is no striving in such a relationship fueled by free love. It is the same as I relate to God. I am his Bride. He wants to take me out on a date. How could infidelity be a question when perfect love is ever-present and available?

God has also called me friend. Just as I love to visit with friends new and old so God loves to knock on my door spontaneously. I can talk to him with eyes wide open; all it takes is a heart wide open. He is happy to ring me just to say, “Hi, I’m thinking of you.” He would have us think of him often and write him thank you notes every day because he surely gives wonderful gifts to us every day. When I relate to God as my friend, holiness results naturally.

And he is so much more. Jesus calls us his brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers. Yes, he would make himself our son and daughter if it means we will learn to delight in him. He said it himself, “Who are my brothers and sisters? Who is my mother?” We are.

Do you get the feeling that God is willing to improvise with us as far as we are able to improvise with him? There is no duty here. There is only free grace. And it is only in such grace that we are made holy and wholly his.

Enjoy God moment by moment and discover that holiness takes care of itself.

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