Tuesday, February 8, 2011

inglorious love

Let’s say love is not what we think it is.

Cleaning out used coffee grounds before making a fresh pot strengthens love more than hosting the Oscars. It’s less like singing a song and more like swiping the lint trap. There is little glory in it.

the more hidden the act,
the greater the love.

Let’s say love listens more than it speaks. Let’s say its ears are its mouth or maybe its heart.

It is part fireworks, part firefly. It is a light that is bigger than a cloud; it may be elusive, but eventually it is caught, though never imprisoned or contained.

Let’s shred shrewd for love. Let’s say love involves risk. Let’s say falling in love is more like a leap we take by choice than a feeling received by default.

Abstract love is not love. If goodwill can’t be seen and touched, it is neither good nor will. Concept is the new idolatry. Better to exchange invisible notion for concrete icon, mere dream for living sculpture. God did: the Word became flesh. That’s why God is love.

Let’s say love is an Artist and his painting: the paintings the Artist makes for himself are the most beloved. Now let’s say he has made all paintings for himself. When he shares them with others it is simply because he knows the world will enjoy them as he does. When he gave us you, he gave us his love. He made you for love. Now, love.

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