Wednesday, May 11, 2011

how meg and nic made me smile again

It does my daddy heart good to see Meaghan and Nicolas being generous with their money. They are already learning not to hold on to it too tightly for their own needs; to use it in a way that takes into account the larger family's needs.

Nicolas decided yesterday that he'd use his allowance from this month to pay for a special Play Day hosted by a group in his school. He had planned on saving this money but when he heard that the budget would be tight for us this month if Mom and Dad had to pay for it, he volunteered to pay for it himself. I am amazed at how generous he always is.

Meaghan finishes 8th grade just one month from now and the school is hosting a graduation ceremony. That part sounded exciting when we heard about it but what didn't thrill us so much was the price tag that came with it: 45 dollars. Last night Heather and I were discussing some budget items when Meaghan chimed in: "I'll have another 15 dollars at the end of this week for my dog-walking job. That means I'll have 30 dollars total. We can use that to help pay for graduation."

This morning, as Heather and I paused for prayer before heading out the door, I said a little prayer of thanks to God that both Meg and Nic are learning to be generous from the start. I'm so proud of you both, Meaghan and Nic! Thanks for making me smile.

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