Sunday, May 8, 2011


I do not think I have ever seen a magnolia tree in my entire life till this year. If I have, it has not left an impression on my heart quite like it has these weeks. Some trees stand out on our drive, in our neighborhood. Last autumn there was the bright red tree near our home—you know the one. In the spring, it has been the magnolia tree that has deserved remark.

It is a curious tree. The magnolias we have seen have not been large in stature but their petals seem to make big statements, unforgettable impressions. They make me want to sit under them for a while, especially when the sun is out. The blue sky would suddenly seem bluer, I suppose, under the large pink petals of the magnolia. These weeks, even these insistent cloudy skies seem more cheerful when I see a magnolia. These past few days, this is the biggest reason I like to take the same route to work each day—to see the magnolia on Kimball. It is a highlight of my day, bidding good morning to God with you by greeting that magnolia each morning.

I would risk idolatry
for something as beautiful
as that,
as you…

I am ever glad I married you. On this Mother’s Day, I am grateful to God that you are the mother of our children.

You are our magnolia,
cheering our hearts each day,
each dawn,
each rainfall.

When we settle down,
let’s plant a magnolia
in honor of you,
beautiful branches
and deep roots.

Keep flowering—
for you are the reason
I drive this way.

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