Tuesday, June 7, 2011

there is no reason to give up

Don’t stop believing. Inspiration may come and go but that is no reason to give up forever. Inspiration will come back some day if it is absent today. Just wait for it and continue on like a pianist practicing scales. Keep yourself limber and ready for surely the shining moment will come.

Can you believe though you see no pathway to the peak? Yes, you can. This kind of belief is best known as hope.

Will you need to strip some things away from time to time on the way? Yes, you will. But, remember: you only need to let go of what you don’t need.

Will the way seem easy at times and then unexpectedly become hard? Yes, it will. But, remember: God will not allow you to be overwhelmed; he will not leave you alone in the midst of difficulty. It may seem more than you can bear but just when you need it he will be there by your side--cheering you on, helping you walk, entreating you to rest if rest is needed, carrying you when you can’t even stand.

Will you be overlooked by others? Will it seem at times you offer only those things others don’t want? Never mind, God wants you to keep giving others what he’s given you--even if others don’t see the value of it. He does, he does.

Don’t stop believing. There is no reason to give up forever.

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