Saturday, August 6, 2011

God speaks to us

Yes, God speaks to us. If he does not, we would not be wise to follow him. It is true that sometimes it is hard for us to hear him, but maybe that is just evidence that we are not accustomed to listening. The truth is: we were made to commune with God. And he does speak to us. He may be speaking these very words to you right now:

“My precious child, I have given you so many wonderful gifts and abilities. I made you special and I delight in you. I know that you are not perfect. Do not be troubled by that. I love you just the same. And I am making all things new, including you.

“Each and every day, you have my grace. It attends you every step of your way. When you wake up, before your mind is aware of me, I am mindful of you. When you feel no one cares or sees you, I care; I see you. And I love you. How could I do anything but love you? I made you and I have redeemed you. You are no island.

“The world may not see your talents, but I see talents in you that you do not even recognize in yourself. Besides, I am greater than the world.

“If you do not know which direction to take, do not be in a hurry to decide. There is no reason to hurry. I am the beginning and the end. If you are in me, time is of no consequence. Just wait on me. One day, soon enough, your deliverance will come; you will know the way to go and you will walk in it, strong, because my Spirit will give you the strength to step.

“Right now, just love me because I love you and I gave my life for you.

"Just be silent now and stay with me.”

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