Sunday, August 28, 2011

meeting new friends

There shall be days when
meeting new friends
will feel like
putting on soft, plain cotton
fresh out of the dryer,
when laughter comes
as easy as
sky to an eagle
and sadness comes
as hard as
flight to an ostrich.

There shall be days when
the breeze kisses your cheek
like a smiling bride,
when God meets you
at your bare foot in the cool grass,
healing those sharp cuts from
that dark road.

The world shall be home,
the quiet your bed,
the joy out of your head
and into your heart,
the science transformed into art.

The acting shall be playing not hiding,
the playing shall be loving not fighting.
No fright shall overtake you,
no ghost shall wake you
sweating at night
for there shall be no threat to light,
leastways no fret nor flight,
for the might of Christ
is greater than the spite of men.

There shall be tune and lyric
no one knows
but you and Jesus and these new friends,
though the song is unsung.
That day was and is and is to come today.

meeting new friends
a poem by troy cady

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