Monday, September 12, 2011

only God

Only God,
maker and source of light,
sends his Son,
Very Light of Very Light,
lightly into the sneering darkness,
hides himself crouching under a
used basket
three decades
in that still small place
most have never been to.

Only God,
whole and deathless,
sends his Son,
Very Life of Very Life,
to be broken and killed.
Imagine—if it could be—
a humble Goliath
slain by a selfish Saul
or David’s anointed head chopped off
with a mere pointed curse.

Only His Royal Highness
could ever stoop so low
for his descent
stands in proportion to his height--
he became the lowest
because there is none higher.

Only God,
the perfect, spotless one,
would become sin for me,
this hollow cave,
yet dirty and dark,
cold and lonely.

I am that deformed leper
naked and diseased;
He is that hand that believes
enough to love
even me,
enough to touch
even me.

Why would he do this?
Because only he is God
who is love.

only God
a poem by troy cady

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