Saturday, September 10, 2011

why nonsense makes sense

We so often get life backwards. What we deem essential, God deems peripheral; and what we consider foolishness, God sees as central.

Why else does God anoint David king and then make him wait 20 years? It runs counter to everything we think. When we elect new presidents their transition to office takes weeks, not years.

Nonsense has meaning and tomfoolery is no foolishness. Goofing off has as much place in the kingdom of Jesus as prayer.

Playfulness and humor remind us: don’t take yourselves so seriously! There is a God whose very nature is joy and knowing him draws full-bodied laughter.

Clowns are saints with painted red lips. They remind us we are human and teach us to delight in such. We know they are sent from God because God wants us to be human—otherwise why would he have become human himself?

Joking is no waste of time. Underneath the punch line is a message that says, “You and I are free to enjoy life.” Laughter is a release, truly. If the devil would deceive us, he would do it by training us to take ourselves too seriously.

Enter into the joy of the Lord.

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