Monday, August 20, 2012

how prayer begins and where it leads

The deepest prayers begin with a vision of God and the clearest visions of God come through true encounters with God. In this way, prayer attends the weak soul even before the person that prays becomes aware of it.

Prayer does not begin with the man, woman or child. It begins with a move of God. Had God not placed the desire to pray in our hearts, I would not pray. Indeed, it has been said that the desire to pray is itself prayer. If this is so, I am not the spark of prayer, God is. It only remains for me to let it be. If we let prayer have its way, the knowledge of God may begin as a spark but God himself will also soon become to us an all-consuming fire.

Does this trouble you? It shouldn’t. God only burns away the chaff. There is much in you that has been made for noble purposes. Your dignity can only be made more pure by the loving blaze of God, refined and brighter for the light.

Still your heart now. Your bridegroom is drawing near. In him is found the deepest communion.

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