Tuesday, August 21, 2012

yes, Lord

It does not take long to say “Yes” to Jesus but the effect of such a short prayer is long-lasting. In fact, saying “Yes” to God has eternal implications.

We often roll our eyes and scoff nowadays at the Christian who speaks of Jesus as “knocking on the door of our hearts”. He is asking us to let him in. And all it takes is a “Yes”.

Why do we put up our cynical, skeptical defenses to such a scenario? By the work of his Spirit such a thing really happens. Either way, even if it is not literally true, may we not simply pretend to be little children again and let ourselves get lost in the wonder of having tea with so gentle a Savior? Would you deny a child their imagination? God forbid! 

He will ask the five-year-old for help with something, even small. And he desires for nothing more than little boys and girls to say “Yes, Lord. I will do what you say.”

And he will respond: “You no longer need call me Lord, for I call you friend.”

This makes us all the more eager to respond, simply: “Yes, Lord.”

Let it be. Let it be.


Stephen said...


It's a funny thing, Revelation 3:20. We often like the first part, that we say "Yes Lord" and open the doors to our hearts so that Jesus can come in, thus ensuring we get to heaven. However, we must not forget the last part..."I will come in and eat with him, AND HE WITH ME" (my emphasis) Thus requiring a "Yes Lord" on a continual basis. I see too many people who have simply said, "Come on in Jesus, make yourself at home while I continue doing what I was doing." May we all say "Yes, Lord come in, that I might sit at your table and enjoy your fullness forever."

-S. Labue

Troy said...

Thanks for your thoughts, brother! Spot on...