Monday, March 18, 2013

the trap of comparison

Just love God. We do not need to add to the list of what we must do in this life. Love covers it all.

We are free to love simply like this because God loves us faithfully in the same way. Just think: If we fail unwittingly (we are only human), his care will be with us. And should you fail even in rebellion, his care will still attend you. He cannot be anything other than caring. He is your Father. Succeed, fail or rebel, he cares.

You are the apple of his eye. It is our love that varies, never his care. So, practice loving God always.

God blesses us all with special abilities: just do the best you can with your gift, out of simple love for him and do not become troubled if another with a similar ability receives more reward for the same amount of labor you exert. God’s care still attends you and you can love him though your reward seems smaller in the world’s eyes. In fact, simple love is its own reward. It sets one free from attachments that can only disappoint.

Do not worry about loving God the way someone else loves God. God’s care for you is to have you love him as he made you, not as he made another. Love God in your way, and give your neighbor leave to love God in their way. Just love God as best you can in your way and don’t compare yourself to another.

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