Sunday, March 10, 2013

what sheep do

As the God of rich simplicity he would have you come to him with one thing, just one. What is it today?

Do you need joy? Just ask, simply.

Are you tired? Tell him; he’ll even let you fall asleep in the middle of telling him. Imagine that!

Have you been misunderstood by someone? He knows and he understands; just bring him your need.

Do you just want to sing a hymn that was dear to you when you were nine? You needn’t keep pitch. Or rhythm. Just sing, “I need thee, O, I need thee!”

Lambs can only bleat when they want to let their shepherd know they need something.

Lord, let our songs be as the bleating of sheep, 
for we are lost and helpless. 
Let your care be as our Good Shepherd—
for that is who you are.

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