Saturday, March 9, 2013

wide open spaces

God cannot be contained, so he invites us into his wide-open space. Such wild places often make us afraid. There are too many unknowns.

But we needn't fear God's invitation since no one who accepts his offer goes it alone. We have traveling buddies. What's more: Jesus goes with us every step of the way and he even goes before us to prepare the way. He knows where he's taking us, even if we don't.

To step into God’s infinity, however, we must admit our finitude. God would have his kingdom located in our heart. To have it there is to enlarge the capacity of one's soul.

A soul shrinks when it clings to small, petty disagreements. We diminish with impatience and complaint. These habits arise due to self-absorption. Self-absorption, in turn, makes us small in spirit. A person can cave in on himself.

But God invites every one of us to wide open spaces. Grace forms the very atmosphere in such a place. Grace is the one thing we most take for granted but it is the one thing most needed. Grace keeps your head up, your hands open and your feet seeking. When you stumble, grace is what picks you back up, dusts you off, and sets you on your journey again. Grace is the goal and the means. There is no duty here, to enter God’s wideness; there is only invitation. What freedom!

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