Saturday, June 1, 2013

a pocket sized chekhov

Okay, so this is funny.

I beamed with pride when my daughter "liked" the following image on facebook:
I had an image in my head of my daughter carrying around pocket-sized versions of The Cherry Orchard, Uncle Vanya or The Seagull by the famous 19th century playwright Anton Chekhov. The pages would be ear-marked and poignant lines would be underlined with little hand-written notes made on the side. I thought to myself: "Thank God she's getting a quality education! Maybe this summer we'll study Sophocles together and she'll want to carry around pocket-sized versions of Oedipus Rex.  Or, maybe that one would be more appropriate for my son and wife." Ahem.

At any rate, I became a little confused because of the line that said, "And he would just say really cute encouraging things." I thought: "Chekhov isn't exactly cute and encouraging; but, oh well, she'll discover that on her own. Just let it be."

Then I saw the rest of the meme. It included a picture of someone commenting:

I thought, "Who is this joker? And why do people find gibberish like this funny? I don't get it."

Then, it dawned on me. I had been thinking of this Chekhov:

...but the whole meme had been about this Chekhov:

...yes: from Star Trek. 

Okay, I am officially a nerd.

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