Sunday, June 9, 2013

the adam sentences, part three

Three stories tied into one would be nice
for then I should be like God.

But, my story?
My story is told twice,

I am double-minded,
and doubtful;
and self-spited.

In a world made for days
that begin at dusk
I am light followed by dark,
act first
and potency second.

I should have died then lived.
I was not made for devolution.

This is why it is better to count me
as two strands than one rope,
dual threads
bound together by disintegration.

Nor ash nor dust,
I am both.

Which Adam?
I am not one.
That is my problem.
There are always two of me but no us.

by Troy Cady
This was posted in response to a poetry prompt at dVerse.


Brian Miller said...

always two of me but no us....that sums it up...nice ref to adam...and to the various religeons as well...

Linda Rogers said...

What a powerful last line Troy. Great poem on duality of a mind.

Outlawyer said...

Yes- that kind of fragmentation is very difficult - even getting down to which Adam (which atom?) Thanks. k .

This is Manicddaily at, but blogger wants me to use an old blogger I.D.

Anonymous said...

really good poem. *snapping fingers* -Victoria