Thursday, July 25, 2013

the Why Not prayer

Lord, sometimes I grow fearful
thinking of all the bad things
that could happen
if this or if that happens.

Help me trust you and you alone,
knowing I am safe in your arms,
knowing you care,
you love
and you are more than able
to carry me
through any

And help me step out in faith,
knowing you are with me
and will guide me
when I need to hear your voice
and feel your hand
leading me to good places.

Swell my chest with enough hope
for today,
knowing tomorrow has enough worry
of its own.
Move my feet to step out.
Stir my heart and move my mind.
Captivate my imagination
with A Dreamer’s Prayer—
Why Not?—
knowing we have
nothing to lose
and only abundance to gain

when we are with you
and you are with me
and I am in you
and you are in me
above and below
to my left and my right
within and without

Be found in me so I may be found in you.


the Why Not prayer
by troy cady

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