Friday, July 26, 2013

this is your brain on joy

Here’s a book that can help folks live playfully. It’s called This is Your Brain on Joy and it’s written by Dr. Earl Henslin.

Dr. Henslin is a licensed therapist with a counseling practice in Brea, California. His book has a unique answer to the big question, “Why is Joy so elusive?”

Some counselors look for answers in one’s family dynamics. Still others pursue therapies that take the patient back to their earliest memories. Ministerial counselors tend to look at “spiritual” aspects.

Dr. Henslin looks at the brain. Literally.

A group of scientists have developed a technology called single photon emission computerized tomography (also known as a SPECT scan). These scans give therapists a picture of emotion through observing how the different zones of one’s brain activate under varied circumstances. For example, if one’s temporal lobes are unusually active, Dr. Henslin can tell this person probably struggles with anger issues. If markers in a SPECT scan point to issues with the basal ganglia region of the brain, Dr. Henslin can tell the individual is prone to fear. Conversely, Dr. Henslin can tell you’re pretty happy when a SPECT scan reveals a healthy left prefrontal cortex.

Some people find the experience of joy elusive because their brain literally prevents them from feeling happy. How tragic!

I enjoyed this book and found it helpful for several reasons: 

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