Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sabbath sunset

As sunlight skims the surface
of the gladdened ground
the bells cry out
in one last song,
“Farewell, my love, sweet Rest.”

Until I see her face again
I shall sing legato,
as long as wind shall carry
the chorus. Fly, music,
through rhythmic leaves
and add your tones
tomorrow morn
you birds,
antiphons of the dawn,
for my throat
is pinched in weak grief
for my love’s leaving.

Until I see her face again,
I have only strength
to be a stone
waiting by the river
to carry me
to that ocean
where the sea shall be no more
and great and small alike
shall be inset
as gems in the
city of God,
where Sabbath never ends
because the sun never sets.

Until we meet,
and never part,
I pray creation be her courier.
and carry back to her
my song—

Farewell, my love, sweet Rest.

Sabbath sunset
a poem by troy cady

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