Sunday, December 31, 2017

a harvest of righteousness

My prayer today is based on a portion of the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-10) and a small portion of Isaiah 61 (verses 10-11). I invite you to make this prayer your own. -Troy


Dear Father, ever near us,
you have covered our shame
and clothed us with salvation;
you have taken away our sin
and have given us your righteousness
not by our own good works
but simply by your great love.

Thank you.
I offer you my life in gratitude;
I offer you my heart in faith.
And I ask now that you
continue your good work of grace
in me and through me
by the power of your Holy Spirit.

Help me to revere your Name.
As I do so, I pray that you would
soften my heart and
soften the hearts of many others
to receive your kingdom
as playfully and joyfully as little children.
As you plant your Word in our lives
may your will be done in us,
may the seeds you sow
fall on enriched soil
and so produce
a harvest of goodness
full and overflowing,
resulting in praise to you
from every nation
and every city, town and village
until we revel in your kingdom
in all its fullness
on earth as it is in heaven—
on every street, alley and corner
where love, joy and peace would reign supreme.

In Jesus’ Name,

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