Tuesday, September 25, 2018

chabad: the weight of glory

today the Hebrew ancients
reminded me of the
correlation between
an object’s weight
and its glory;

possessive of his own glory,
laid upon the Hebrew slaves
a weight they could not bear,
a quota of brick-making they could not keep—
the more glorious he thought himself,
the more hardened his heart became;

whose very Face
radiates glory,
looked upon the weak ones
with compassion,
bore the weight of their sorrow
and gained greater glory—
Yahweh, the One we know by Name,
regarded the small ones
whose names we have forgotten
and so became bigger
as they bear that Name,
their freedom and tether;

bearer of burdens,
grow in my heart,
make me heavy with love,
slow me down
to be present
to suffering,
to listen to the voices crying out
their ancient wails
outside the portable walls
of these tabernacles
weighted with glory,
these tabernacles
of tangible souls,
sufferers begging
to be believed,
panting for relief
from the skeptics
chasing after them
in the midst of the Red Sea.


chabad: the weight of glory
by troy cady

for all the suffering ones
longing for exodus,
sukkot 2018

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