Monday, November 2, 2009

3. mug shots: tea cup

This is part three of a series called "Mug Shots". The series was inspired this summer as I rummaged through the cupboards of different people we visited in search of interesting mugs.

This week's Mug Shot comes from Illinois--again. There was this one particular household we stayed in whose owners must be a tad "feathery" in the head because they had lots of "interesting" mugs that suggest the residents may be two cards shy of a full deck.

Anyhoo, the mug this week looks like a coffee mug, but it is, in fact, not intended for coffee. It's intended to be used for tea. The mug design clearly indicates this along the top rim. Behold:

I surmised that, should one decide to flaunt the wishes of the cup designer by drinking a beverage other than tea in this mug, one could likely fall susceptible to The Curse of The Mug, which, as you probably already know, is a curse that all mugmakers place upon their mugs in the event someone should use their mug in an unauthorized fashion. For example, should someone put coffee--or whiskey or malt liquor (which I, ahem, did not do)--in this mug, something unsavoury would happen to them.

So, I was very careful to only drink tea in this mug because I didn't want to develop a rash on my left armpit and festering boils on my right armpit (which is the precise curse that is placed on mugs of this nature, viz. mugs that say "tea" at the top more than twenty times).

Here I am, drinking TEA (not COFFEE) from this mug and pointing it out, to prove it (he said, scratching his left pit).

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