Tuesday, April 27, 2010

what hope looks like sometimes

Yesterday we were talking about how God works in a life when the dog injured her hind leg. By this morning she was fine, able to handle the long paseo.

Yesterday we remembered a saint’s passing. Today I tried to move on but couldn’t stop thinking of her.

This morning I commanded hope so I guess hope feels like a handful of emails, 93 minutes’ conversation with Germany and a load of towels washed and dried but unrolled. And let’s not forget the free ice cream--a short wait, then a long wait. Hope sometimes has youngsters force their way in front of it while waiting in line.

This afternoon, the daughter had no homework so she folded clothes, and the son worked on more advanced spellings, meanings and mathematics. He figured out the mysterious definition and solved the word problem. He reported getting a hundred and I smiled proudly.

Just before bed we read of the Good Shepherd, then two characters named Passion and Patience, all seen by a young pilgrim named Christian making his way to the Celestial City. The Interpreter reminded Christian that both the shepherd and the lamb became tattered. Strangely, that was comforting. Then, the Interpreter taught Christian the value of waiting for the King’s good gifts. So, I guess waiting is a virtue, somehow tied with hope or hoping. Maybe hope is practiced more than possessed.

Taking a sneak peak ahead, tomorrow we’ll read of Christian at the cross, being relieved of his burden, finally.

Finally, no more burden. It’ll be nice to read that. Slowly. Maybe hope is laid hold of when burdens are let go. We’ll see.

Tonight, I’m typing about hope, my head aching and maybe my heart. Not quite sure.

I’m typing because I know I’m not alone, because I don’t want to be alone, I want you to share in this moment with me. And You too.

These are the scattered straws of my day. Thank Jesus he’s The Great Gatherer.

So be it. Which, when translated, is "amen".

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